Connecting my Android

I got the first Android phone that Samsung put out, the i7500. It didn’t come with any software or drivers, so connecting it to my Vista laptop was a challenge. Then I upgraded the laptop to Windows 7 64-bit, and the connection broke.

The phone is still running Android 1.5 Cupcake since Samsung won’t be updating it, so trying to find some USB drivers for it has been tough. For a few months, the only way I could get music onto the phone and pictures/videos off was to remove the microSD card every time.

I finally managed to find a set of Samsumg drivers that was put out by Verizon. I extracted the file and did not run the included setup. I just used the Windows Device Manager and pointed it to where I had extracted the drivers. I had to go back to Device Manager a couple of times until everything was installed.

Now, the process to connect the phone and computer is simple.

  • plug the phone in with the supplied USB cable, and the USB icon appears in the phone’s status bar.
  • on the phone, select the USB connected notification and a dialog comes up asking if you want to mount the device.
  • select Mount
  • and two devices appear in Windows

The first device is labeled “MICROSD” and maps to the microSD card in my phone. The other device is labeled “Removable Disk” and maps to the SIM card.

Now, everything works great. My phone might be stuck with an old version of Android, but I like it.


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